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Job Description


The Network Systems Administrator’s role is to manage and tune in-house computer software systems and network connections to ensure high levels of availability and security of the supported school applications. The engineer is to ensure the stability and integrity of in-house voice, data, and wireless network services, this is achieved by planning, and designing networks (LANs)

and wide area networks (WANs) across the school.

In addition, the Engineer will participate in the installation, monitoring, maintenance, support, and optimization of all network and system hardware, software, and communication links. This individual will also analyze and resolve network hardware and software problems in a timely and accurate fashion and provide end-user training where required. This individual also

participates in the planning and implementation of policies and procedures to ensure system provisioning and maintenance that is consistent with the school’s vision and mission, industry best practices, and regulatory requirements.

Reporting Line

Reports to the Information Technology Manager – Operations


Strategy & Planning
Collaborate with the IT Manager and the IT team to assess the needs for near- and long-term network capacity.
Create and maintain documentation related to network and systems configuration, network mapping, processes, and service

records. Lincoln Community School – JD Network Systems Administrator

Develop, implement, and maintain policies, procedures, and associated plans for network administration, usage, and disaster


Participate in and support IT Manager in capacity planning and the development of long-term strategic goals for systems and

software in conjunction with end-users.

Acquisition & Deployment
Design and deploy company LANs, WANs, and wireless networks, including servers, routers, hubs, switches, UPSs, cameras, and

other hardware.

Conduct research on network products, services, protocols, and standards to remain abreast of developments in the networking

industry and report on these to the IT Manager.

Oversee new and existing equipment, hardware, and software upgrades.
Operational Management
Configure networks to ensure their smooth and reliable operation to fulfill the school’s objectives and processes.
Monitor network performance and troubleshoot problem areas as needed.
Oversee the installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of end-user workstation hardware, software, and

peripheral devices.

Ensure network connectivity of all servers, workstations, telephony equipment, fax machines, and other network appliances.
Manage servers, including database, e-mail, print, and backup servers and their associated operating systems and software.
Practice network asset management, including maintenance of network component inventory and related documentation and

technical specifications information.

Monitor and test network performance and provide network performance statistics and reports.
Participate in managing all network security solutions.
Perform server and security audits, as well as system backups and recovery.
Perform and test routine system backups and restores.
Maintain security solutions, including firewall, anti-virus, and intrusion detection systems.
Manage all operating systems and end-user software.
Manage communications and connection solutions, including workstation connectivity, local area networks, company, intranet,

and applications.

Ensure the integrity and security of enterprise data on host computers, multiple databases, and during data transfer in

accordance with the school’s needs and industry best practices regarding privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.

Manage input/output fleet, including printers and scanners.
Manage end-user accounts, permissions, access rights, and storage allocations in accordance with best practices regarding

privacy, security, and regulatory compliance.

Perform and test routine system backups and restores.
Anticipate, mitigate, identify, troubleshoot, and resolve hardware and software problems on servers, input/output fleet, and

workstations. Escalate incidents as necessary.

Analyze system, server, application, network, and input/output device performance.
Recommend, schedule, and perform software and hardware improvements, upgrades, patches, reconfigurations, and/or


Conduct research on emerging products, services, protocols, and standards in support of systems software procurement and

development efforts.

Create required reports in response to the school’s user needs.
Develop, document, and maintain policies, procedures, and associated training plans for system administration and

appropriate use.

And any other related works as may be assigned by the IT Manager and the Head of School

Qualification Required & Experience

Formal Education & Certification

University degree in information technology or electrical engineering
Certifications in Microsoft, Google Suite, Apple, Aruba/Cisco Systems, AlienVault- essential

Knowledge & Experience

Proven experience and success with LAN, WAN, WLAN, and WWAN design and implementation.
Proven experience with network capacity planning, network security principles, and general network management best practices.
Strong, hands-on technical knowledge of network and PC operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS X
Excellent knowledge of telephony systems, including GrandStream Systems and VoIP Systems
Working technical knowledge of current network hardware, protocols, and Internet standards, including Cisco, Aruba, and Sophos UTMs.
Excellent hardware troubleshooting experience.
Extensive application support experience with Microsoft, Apple, and Unix products
Competence with testing tools and procedures for voice and data circuits.
Good understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives.
Knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and pertinent law.

Personal Attributes

Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.
Highly self-motivated and directed, with keen attention to detail.
Proven analytical and problem-solving abilities.
Strong customer service orientation.
Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment.
Adept at reading, writing, and interpreting technical documentation and procedure manuals.
Ability to conduct research into hardware, software, and networking issues and products as required.
Ability to present ideas and solutions in user-friendly language.
Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

Work Conditions

40-hour on-site workweek with on-call availability.
The nature of the job may require overtime hours.
Sitting for extended periods of time.
Dexterity of hands and fingers to operate a computer keyboard, mouse, and power tools, and to handle other computer components.
Occasional inspection of cables in floors and ceilings.
Lifting and transporting moderately heavy objects, such as computers, servers, and peripherals.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Qualified candidates should send a C.V. and cover letter to:

Mrs. Louisa Mensah-Baah,

Director of Human Resources

Email for Administrative and other Vacancies:

Mail To

Lincoln Community School

PMB CT 354

Cantonments, Accra, Ghana.

Phone: +233-302218100

Closing Date: 01 July, 2024