Step-by-Step Guide for a Successful Job Search

It’s a new year and for a lot of people, their new year’s resolution is to find that top-notch self -fulfilling job they have always dreamt but the mere thought of going through the deadweight and herculean task of finding a new job holds them back. They’d rather stick to their current job than go through the stress of seeking a new job.

Are you one of those people who see job search as nerve-racking and a daunting experience? Guess what? We are here to make searching and preparing for jobs very easy for you.

First Things First

Before you decide to go searching for a new job, plan and strategize your transition. Whether it is your first job application, you have been fired, laid off or planning to resign, you must strategize your approach as to how to go about it so you don’t face challenges thereof,


If you are resigning from a job, it is advisable to wait until you secure a new job before tendering in your resignation letter only if you have financial means to do so. Also, it is important to have an appropriate explanation for your resignation because you might be asked during interviews.

Fired or Laid Off

When you have been fired or laid off you must first think of one of the most challenging interview questions “Why were you laid off or fired?“                                                                                                

You must also not be quick to refer your potential employers to the company that fired you or let you go unless you believe the manager has something good to say about you.

Get Your Story Straight

Be ready to explain to people why you are looking for a new job. Telling your story should be concise and convincing. You could talk about how finding anew job would help you attain your professional goals and a whole lot.

Know What Exactly You Want

Before you set out to find a new job, know exactly what you want, set your personal and professional priorities. First, make a list of jobs you so desire and ones at your disposal.                                         

 Check the location of the company, your commute time, your preferred salary and other personal factors you would like to consider.

It is also important to know the type of corporation you would like to have. Whether an already established firm, a start-up or a small enterprise.

It is also advisable to know if you would like to work with a lot of people or less. When you know all these questions and provide self -fulfilling answers to them, you would then know exactly what you want when you are offered a job.

Preparing for the Job

Research the Job Market

Look for online Portals you can find your desired job since it’s the norm of the evolving technological world. There are a whole lot of online sites you can find jobs.,,,, and our site We are fairly new but there is a lot we are bringing to enhance your experience of online job search. You could also check newspaper ads, Tv and Radio. This would give you a lot of job offers and you would have to choose the one that goes with your priorities.

Work on Your Resume and CV

One thing employers look out for is a very powerful resume and it is, therefore, important o work on yours. Make sure every information inaccurate and up to date. Sometimes your CV alone gives you a high make on the sheet of your potential employer.

Get Reference

It is very significant to get good references from people or organizations you have worked with. This sometimes tells your potential employers what to expect from you.

Work on Your Online Presence

In this technological world, one -way employers use to determine their potential employees are their online activities. Most people with “bad” social media presence are likely not to be called back if the employer finds out about their activities. Thus it is very important to have a positive self -image on all your social media handles especially on LinkedIn where your business profile alone might get you your next job.

Be Ready for Interviews      

Your interviews could be online, phone call, or one on one interview and you must be adequately prepared for them

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Best of Luck!

Searching for jobs got better and there is a whole lot more to learn to better your preparation for your desired job. We believe you have learnt a lot. Go out there put into action and shine!                                                     

All the Best in your new Job.

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